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She insists that the fruits have to be good quality and that nibbling on them in social occasions is not an issue for her.

To wash down the fruit, Anne, who does not consume alcohol, only drinks juiced oranges or still water, saving sparkling water for special occasions, like a birthday or Christmas toast. MORE: Vegan couple lived off food that was going to be thrown away.

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Here’s what happened:

They liked convenience foods, not necessarily fast food, but prepared foods. They claimed to drink wine more frequently at meals, to like the tannic flavors of wine.

You might not love ’em, but here’s why you should eat your fruits and veggies anyway.

They also were more adventurous cooks who entertained more with dinner parties, had friends over more often. Effort or lack of it is the driving force when people choose fruits and vegetables , he says.

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There has to be a willingness to put effort into cooking. Those people are more likely to try new recipes, to have people over for dinner. Adventurous cooks tend to appreciate vegetables, he says.

Q: Am I a bad parent if my kids don't eat 5 servings of fruit and vegetables every day?

They enjoy their talent for working with vegetables when cooking for others. Fruit lovers should eat more fruit -- but branch out: "Try eating different types of fruits. Our research suggests people like you are more likely to grow into a better fruit lover, rather than trying to become a vegetable lover. Eat more fruit instead of sugary snacks or desserts.

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    How fruit fits into keto

    Vegetable lovers: "Don't try to eat more fruit if you don't feel like it. Focus on eating more vegetables.

    Fruit Song for Kids - The Singing Walrus

    You're more predisposed to becoming a vegetable lover, even more so than you are now. Lean into your strengths rather than forcing yourself to eat more bananas each month," says Wansink.

    What is the right way to Eat Fruits ?

    Rarbuck also writes a food column for the Miami Herald newspaper. She offered her perspective. She agrees, "For fruit lovers, there's no easy road to broccoli," she says.