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Autobiography of a Werewolf Hunter by Brian P. Easton

The result is a power punch of a book; that is poignant in its treatment of retaliation as a form of redemption. Along the way, he encounters and dispatches other werewolves. One is a femme fatale, for whom their sexual encounter proves fatal.

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Because of his skills, that get honed in a stint with the military, Sylvester finds work hunting psychopaths as a sideline. As he points out, silver bullets work just as well against humans. During the travails and travels, he engages in rocky romantic relationships. The three women he becomes involved with are interesting and well drawn characters. They grant him the opportunity to drop his guard a bit, and let his humanity which he is always at risk of relinquishing to shine through. Inevitably, there is danger when that happens.

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Brian P. I started writing when I was ten, after I was given a hand-me-down Royal typewriter. Even the most unscrupulous character can become the good guy when pitted against an evil greater than himself.

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My novels, 'When the Autumn Moon is Bright' and 'Heart of Scars' feature such a protagonist and deliver an autobiographical account of the awful price of hatred. It tells the life story of Sylvester James whose life is tragically altered by a marauding werewolf, and what happens when he hardens his heart to vengeance. As he becomes a man, he learns that it takes more than just silver bullets to kill a werewolf A third book is planned to complete the trilogy, and after that a prequel chronicling the life of Sylvester's mentor.

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Ask it above. After his mother is butchered by a werewolf, Sylvester James is taken in by a Cheyenne mystic.

The boy trains to be a werewolf hunter, learning to block out pain, stalk, fight, and kill. As Sylvester sacrifices himself to the hunt, his hatred has become a monster all its own.