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Molly dies while chasing a felon and Molly dies while chasing a felon and discovers she has been sentenced to an afterlife of six years. She must escape and return to Earth to save her boyfriend and best friend from the same forces that murdered her. Marry Matthew. She soon realises however, that the love she was searching for had been a lie and she must now decide whether to continue or give up on love entirely.

When she meets Matthew, the fierceness and swiftness of their love staggers her and causes nothing but doubt. After making the decision she thinks is most rational, the outcome is worse than she ever thought it could have been. In an attempt to rescue the love she had so carelessly given up, she must convince Matthew she still loves him. The only issue is that she finds out that their love might have led to the most wonderful surprise; the only question now is if he will accept her back into his heart after she hurt him.

The Bodyguard. She's forbidden fruit - but I'm hungry for a taste. A Perfect Climax.

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Debby Newton, a young and beautiful college student, had her life all planned out. She was going to She was going to marry Parker Schmidt, a billionaire in his own right since his billionaire family are obviously going to hand over their billion dollar company to him. He already has a controlling position and equally looks forward to being wedded to Debby. Even when she sees him with other girls, he plays it off and says she is paranoid.

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In His Arms. As a nanny I did my job taking care of Alicia. I wanted her to like me as a person. She was easy to She was easy to get along with and I think that she liked the bond that we had. We were both girls. Alexander on the other hand was something different. He was a man of power, a man that made things go his way. Though he surprised me in numerous ways there was something hidden behind those gorgeous eyes of his. I wanted to get to know that side of him.

Would he trust me enough to tell him what was bothering him? Would he take that chance to see if I could be trusted with the demons of his past? Past : Bad Boy Romance.

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Description Todd thought it was going to be an ordinary dinner with his parents. Them telling him what a big disappointment he was to them and how he could do better. He knew that when his mother saw his motorcycle she was going to have a fit and she did when they limo pulled up into the parking lot of the restaurant that they were going to. About the Author Amazon. In-Store Pickup. Drew's bored, horny, and stuck at his in-laws' for the Thanksgiving weekend. The last thing he wants The last thing he wants to do is go to the mall Step Daddy Desires. Jude is everything I've ever wanted in a man.

Cute student, Strong older man: Hot vacation Sophie is a bright young college stu Cute student, Strong older man: Hot vacation Sophie is a bright young college student, who has a vacation romance with Alex, an older man. He is so much more mature and worldly than any of her previous boyfriends and treats her like an adult and an equal.

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As Sophie and Alex start to fall for each other, is there any chance that this will be more than just a holiday fling? This book contains the first three chapters of the novel Sophie's Journey, but can be read as a standalone short story. If you want to join my email list for more free books and offers, and monthly information about my books, then please check the box to subscribe. You can leave and unsubscribe at any time. I do not share your information with anyone else. Daddy and Me - 3 Taboo Stories. Dominance and Submission Part One: Awakening. The Billionaire's Conquest.

I need to save Mercury Wild, but who would save my heart? I'm Trevor Wild, Billionaire and Men admire me for the fortune that came with my name. Women flock to me for the man of their dreams, but along the way, I lose sight of who I am, and my business is at stake. So desperate to save the club, I have to put pride behind me and seek out help, and help comes in the form of Jasmine Washington. Her skin is smooth as silk. Her eyes are piercing green that would burn holes into my soul. Will I be able to have both my club and Jasmine, or will going after her cause everything to crumble around me?

I am your winning trophy Take me The team shares everything They were waiting The Gang of Jocks Dalia just becomes the team's cxx dump What happens in the Football locker room, remains in the locker room ;. At a young age, she fel At a young age, she fell for the man of her dreams, but he left her without looking back. As time went by, she found out that she was pregnant and although she is alone and shunned by her family, she manages to make it through. Years later at the height of her career, she sees none other than Lucas, the man who shattered her heart. History of Her Heart.

Kelly discovers that the hall is owned and operated by her high school heart throb, Dominic Chase, who has set out to win her heart back and place the bid for her love at an even higher price than fame or fortune. As Dominic Chase refuses to lose what he sets his heart on acquiring, will his attentions be too much for the heartbroken Kelly, or can he convince her that his feelings are as genuine and sincere as they were a decade ago?

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She was tired of boring. Will a new life of ecstasy be too much to handle? The only problem is that every man who comes into her life bores her to tears… until she meets John. As she learns more about her mysterious new beau and his secret society, Becca opens herself up completely. But when her dream life suddenly turns into her worst nightmare, Becca second-guesses everything John offers. My Very First Time. Hunter's Moon. Did I mention I might be turning into a werewolf? Stood-up, left to walk home al Ellie Howard, a perennially single, successful photographer thinks she might have hit a home-run with a guy she meet on-line, but when he stands her up on their first date she walks back to her apartment alone.

Her lonely walk nearly costs Ellie her life when a rabid monster attacks her. Staring into the eyes of a gigantic, hairy, fanged beast, Ellie is about to accept her fate, when she is rescued by a stony-jawed hero. Saved from near death by a professional werewolf hunter, Ellie now faces a fate worse than death - an eternity of servitude as the chosen mate of an Alpha werewolf.

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Its up to her brooding hero. Royal Bride. Cassie has spent her whole life saving for a trip to Europe. Little did she know she'd catch the eye Little did she know she'd catch the eye of a prince. Dressed down and brutally handsome, Prince Ajax is as frightening as he is exciting, and Cassie finds it harder and harder to resist his royal charm Ajax needs to find a bride.

His father demands it. Annoyed with the court's old-fashioned rules, Ajax takes one look at Cassie and decides she's his new Princess. And Ajax never takes no for an answer. Cassie might need some convincing, but Ajax has already decided - she's his property. Standalone, no cliffhanger, no cheating. The Ruse. Gia is a survivor. Noah owes a friend, so he'll seduce and trap her.

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Perfect Dream. Naomi Richards, a young, beautiful and self-aware woman has had a crush on her boss since they were Naomi Richards, a young, beautiful and self-aware woman has had a crush on her boss since they were kids; way before he started his own company. She now works for him and still harbors desires for him in her heart, lusting at the very sound of his voice and mesmerized by his smile. She abhors the very existence of Ruth Gilbert who threatens to steal her chance of ever being with Tim and living her deepest fantasies.