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Editorial Reviews. Review. Though Jane Austen was writing at a time when Mansfield Park (French Edition) - Kindle edition by Jane Austen.
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This is achieved through her growing integration into the world of Mansfield Park and her experiences of relationships with Edmund Bertram and Henry Crawford. Indeed marriage forms another main theme of Mansfield Park. Jane Austen herself, however, never married. She was reputed to have had several romantic attachments, and did once receive a proposal of marriage from a wealthy Hampshire landowner. This she accepted, only to retract the following morning.

Mansfield Park is structured in three parts. The first, which takes the story up to the non-production of the play, highlights Fanny and the group of individuals who form the cast, and with whom she does not mix. Jane Austen herself led a calm and unremarkable life. She spent many years living in quiet, rural villages, though she did live for a while in fashionable, elegant Bath after her father retired in However, much of her life consisted of nothing more exciting than conversation, needlework and reading, with private dances or balls and occasional visits to fashionable seaside towns providing the only real highlights.

It must be remembered that class distinctions were rigid at this time, and life for the upper classes was just as portrayed by Jane Austen, drawing on her own limited experience. Not surprisingly then Mansfield Park , presents us with a world which is remarkably similar to that of Jane Austen herself.

He was the one to formally reveal her authorship since all four titles published in her lifetime were done so anonymously. Some thirty years before the time of the narrative, and eleven years before the start of the events which are to be recounted, a young woman named Maria Ward married the wealthy and titled Sir Thomas Bertram of Mansfield Park. The new Lady Bertram became the talk of the neighborhood for her marriage; although her family was comfortable, they were not wealthy enough to see one of their daughters married to a baronet under normal circumstances.

Hopes were high for her sisters, but one of them ended up marrying a clergyman, the Rev.

Mansfield Park

Norris, and the other one a sailor, who was soon injured in the line of duty and came home to drink and father children. Norris, the reverend's wife, lives near her sister Lady Bertram; Rev. Norris is the minister to the parish attached to Mansfield Park. The two women have not heard from their third sister for many years, until, one day, a letter arrives informing them that she is about to give birth yet again and begging them to help see her older children placed in the world. Motivated by a sense of self-importance rather than any real family feeling, Mrs.

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Norris, Lady Bertram, and Sir Thomas decide to send for the wayward woman's oldest daughter, a girl of nine named Fanny. After a discussion of the girl's proper "place" in the Bertram household, during which Mrs. Norris, ever the busybody, points out that she must be constantly reminded of her lower status, they decide that she will live with the Bertrams rather than the childless Mrs. Norris, who claims that she has no money and that her husband will be bothered by the presence of a child. Fanny arrives at Mansfield Park and meets the family.

Sir Thomas and Lady Bertram have four children: Tom, the heir, is 17; Edmund, who is to be a clergyman, is 16; Maria is 13; and Julia is Fanny is quite shy and is frightened by brash Sir Thomas, neurotic Lady Bertram, and the spoiled children. The family is pleased with Fanny's modest looks and her retiring personality; she already seems to "know her place. Nevertheless, they are happy to have her around to use as a political third in their childish skirmishes.

Norris's constant harangues and the cruelties of the governess and the two girls soon wear Fanny down.

Chapters 1-3

One day, Edmund finds Fanny crying in the stairway. He comforts her, and the two become fast friends.

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Soon Fanny becomes almost happy at Mansfield Park, due in large part to the companionship of her cousin Edmund. However, it is in this novel that Austen's true literary genius shines. The Penguin Edition, annotated with an introduction by Kathryn Sutherland, is as wonderful as one could expect Penguin to be.

The book was delivered promptly in one day. Mansfield Park was a 3. I did take a long time to read it which I think is the reason for my rating! This was my second novel by Jane Austen.

Mansfield Park

I did like the plot but I thought the end was too sudden. All the things from the start were going at a slow pace and then the end was abrupt and brisk for the slow pace of words! Fanny Price is summoned to live at her aunt's house when she's 10 years old because her parents are overburdened with 9 kids and a low income. She goes from being the eldest at her own house to being the youngest at her aunt's.

Fanny, too shy and reserved finds a best friend in her cousin Edmund who takes an effort to make her feel comfortable and helps her to be in touch with her brother William back home. She then finds herself falling for Edmund but she doesn't know how he feels for her. Her worst fear arrives when after some 7 years Crawford siblings arrive at Mansfield and Edmund finds himself attracted towards Mary Crawford who has some really strong opinions, exactly different from those of Edmund.

And Henry Crawford has a character of a flirt which changed all the things at Mansfield. Fanny is obviously the protagonist here and the story tells us how her life is taken "not so seriously" by those around her. With so much going around her she finds herself down in the dumps just like the beginning but now she doesn't have Edmund to look for a friend.

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I would love to know the whole story from Fanny's perspective and I am sure it is going to make my heart break into pieces! But of course loved the way Jane Austen has written and presented everything so subtly and in a tranquil way! They also love their moral compass but only apply them to others.

These people are hypocrites in their truest sense and Fanny had to take the brunt of it all in Mansfield Park. Fanny Price has been raised in Mansfield Park, far away from her poor parents. She finds solace in Edmund, her cousin and over time she finds herself attracted to him. Edmund, on the other hand, is compassionate and caring, but also stubborn and a hypocrite.

She carries herself with a sense of pride in spite of the fact that most people make her feel unloved and not needed at all. Fanny enters a world of temptation and flirtation. She receives love and attention from Henry, but her heart is inclined towards Edward and her integrity makes her sacrifice all happiness only to long to be with the one she admires. The persuasion of wealth, name and status is so important for the people in Mansfield Park that they resort to all sorts of unfair means.