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All internationally renowned 'lady showbiz detective' Stella Pentangeli wants, is to solve a simple literary riddle: did William Shakespeare belong to a.
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Labels: In the Media. It has been a year and The Outpost , a crime and mystery zine of short stories from Down Under continues to keep on keeping on. Issue 5 has just been released and once again there are 8 new stories ready to go. As with the last issue, there appears to be a bit of preponderance of stories based around familial revenge. I don't know what's going on in and around the 'burbs of Australia, but in the minds of our authors there's a heap of payback for cheating so and so's. To get your quarterly fill of the short stuff from Australia you can check this little lot out Labels: The Outpost.

Back in the early s, author Susan Geason introduced us to the Sydney-based private detective who featured in 3 books Shaved Fish , Dogfish and Shark Bait. That is, until now. It seems that Geason wrote a 4th book titled Hook, Line and Sinker that was completed in Incredibly though, she was unable find a publisher for Syd Fish IV.

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Just click on the book's title above And if the opening paragraph is anything to go by, we're in for another lively Syd Fish adventure: To avoid the axe murderer on the loose in Kings Cross, I kept to the main streets on my way to Victoria Street to lunch with Lizzie Darcy. Only the sight of all those perfect, tanned blond backpackers doing nothing soured the experience.

I would also encourage you to go back and experience the tight plotting and lurid Kings Cross atmosphere of the earlier Syd Fish by hunting down copies of Shaved Fish, Dogfish and Shark Bait. After that, you might like to try the cracking stand-alone thriller Wildfire. Labels: New Releases.

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While reading Bleak Spring by Jon Cleary it occurred to me just how dramatically attitudes and accepted standards have changed over the last 10 to 15 years. Labels: Recent Reads. See what happens if you mooch around the internet long enough Well, that's what happened tonight anyway. Shane explains how his first manuscript Stiff was saved from the Text Publishing slush pile by publisher Michael Heywood, single-handedly saving the publishing company from financial ruin.

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As I said earlier, I finished reading Maelstrom by Michael MacConnell yesterday and found it to be a whirlwind ride, a serial killer story with a difference. I'll just chuck a few quotes from the book out there to let you get acquainted with a few of the characters and MacConnell's style. Where better to start than with the opening paragraph which puts us in a car with The toey prey Terry pressed his foot down harder on the accelerator.

Beside him, his girlfriend Janice slept soundly, oblivious to her boyfriend's reckless abandonment of the speed limit. While he normally paid little attention to road rules, today he had good reason to arrive at their destination speedily. Having made him wait more than 12 months - at last, at long last - Terry Chambers was going to screw Janice Falsom. Terry didn't know it yet but he and Janice Falsom were already screwed Well, now that the footie season is over we can anticipate the start of the local cricket season.

And while I was disappointed to watch Collingwood go down by less than a goal to the Cats in the Qualifying Final, at least we can hold our heads high, proud in the knowledge that we put in for the entire 4 quarters. I mean, we could have been absolutely humiliated by, say, points or something. Congratulations to Geelong who thoroughly deserved to win the AFL premiership. Anyhow, my wandering attention can now return to the upkeep of the Crime Down Under blog and website which has been drifting like a Russell Robertson kick. So what's coming up at Crime Down Under?

Buggered if I know, but here's a dot-pointed list of my grand plans over the next week or so. I have begun re-reading Peter Corris' Cliff Hardy series and will be posting a series that will lay each of his books absolutely bare under a barrage of microsopic examination. Naturally, I'll be starting with The Dying Trade which, I notice, I haven't reviewed yet - but that will change mark my words. The new issue of The Outpost is nearing completion and will be released in a matter of days - if you haven't read Issue 4, now's your chance.

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I'm also preparing my report on the October New Releases, but if you want a sneak peek you can find them on the What's New page of my website. I have just posted my review of Maelstrom by Michael MacConnell. In a shameful display of cross-pollination I will be posting it here next weekend. I have recently discovered a couple of newly released books that I somehow missed in my travels through the www.

I shall now proceed to name them and will expand upon them later So hang onto your hats, we're on the downhill run to Christmas, the sledging has already begun in India and I can't guarantee there won't be some words of "friendly advice" handed out around here too. School Donation Program In Memory of How To Swap Books? Steve J. Spears 22 January October was an Australian playwright, actor, writer and singer.

His most famous work was The Elocution of Benjamin Franklin He was cited as "one of Australia's most celebrated playwrights". He studied Law at the University of Adelaide, but through writing and performing student revues, was distracted into a career in the theatre. Sydney Spears moved to Sydney in the s. In his own words, he was a "born-again Sydney-sider". Later life Spears died in Aldinga, South Australia from lung cancer in , aged only Spears wrote an "anti-memoir" "In Search of the Bodgie", published in In , Spears' detective novel "Murder at the Fortnight" was published.